Our goal is to provide your dog with a quality grooming service in a safe and relaxing environment

We have put together some common frequently asked questions along with some answers that you may find helpful. Please take a look below, however, if your query hasn’t been answered please fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you

As soon as your puppy has had it’s vaccinations it should come into the salon for an introduction just to get used to the sights and sounds, the earlier your dog experiences being groomed the more they will enjoy it in later life. Grooming should start with the owner ASAP this will allow the dog to see grooming as part of everyday life, please ask us for advice on the correct tools for your breed of dog as using the wrong equipment can hurt and frighten them causing problems for future grooming and clipping

Grooming on a daily basis would be great, however it is dependent on the breed for example a Lhasa in full coat would need grooming every day but a Labrador could be done weekly. Please ask us for guidance to suit your dog.

All dogs, regardless of breed or coat type, benefit from a visit to a groomer every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the breed of your dog and type of clip required. In the summer months their coats harbour pollen, grass seeds and mites. In the Winter they live in centrally heated houses which dries out their skin and coat. Just as people need regularly deep grooming, so do dogs.
Most breeds should come for grooming every6 weeks or so but poodles and bichons (and their crosses) should be every 4 – 5 weeks in order to stop their coats from becoming too knotty. We are happy to do a discount price for you to bring your pet in between clips just for a bath and brush out, to prevent matting under their armpits and legs. Especially if he / she will not let you groom them and you want their feathering left longer.

The dogs coat must be scrupulously clean, dead hair needes to be removed by prepping and brushing to get a good finish so we must bath the dogs ourselves to ensure your dog looks it’s best after grooming. Also trimming a dirty coat damages our equipment & creates a higher risk of skin issues, therefore we would have to charge a higher price to groom the dog without a bath.

If your dog is on a medicated or prescription shampoo we are happy to use this for your dogs groom, however human shampoo is not designed for dogs as we have different Ph, and will strip the natural oils from his/her coat. All our shampoos and conditioners are top quality, designed especially for dogs, contain no chemicals or nasty ingredients. They are suitable for all skin types, even those with sensitive or skin conditions, so we are happier using them. But don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any queries about this.

Although we understand the owner’s desire to stay with their pets, we strongly advise against it. Instead of acting as a calming agent, the owner’s presence can actually agitate the pet. It can be distracting for the Groomer and for the dog, causing accidents. It makes the groomer’s job very difficult, if not impossible, if your pet is constantly trying to get to you. It might be difficult to believe, but the pets usually become more calm and cooperative once the owner leaves.

In these rare cases we will suggest a plan of action for the owner depending on the problem.

Of course! We are happy to trim your dog to your requirements whether that is a traditional trim or a total clip off, however, we cannot work miracles and if your dog is matted we may have to do a different trim to make your dog comfortable.

Our appointment and one to one system works to minimise the time your dog is in the salon and providing a stress free environment.

We generally take 2 hours to groom most dogs. However, depending on what type of groom your dog is having, its size, coat condition and temperament, it could be between 1 and 3 hours.

We normally ring our clients when their dog is nearly finished, so please let us know how much notice you need to get back to us, so your dog will be finished just before and won’t have to wait impatiently. 

We use our experience and training to enable us to deal with all behaviours. We also might use restraints to keep your dog safe while he is on the grooming table, to avoid them from falling from it.

Please call us to cancel and/or re-schedule as soon as you know that you won’t be able to keep the appointment. We require 24 hours notice to allow us to fill the appointment time.

Working on a one to one basis means we can only groom so many dogs a day. When you book an appointment, we reserve the space ONLY for your dog (usually 2 hours), so that we can groom him/her to the standard you deserve.  We are a small business and this affect us immensely, loosing earnings if not fore-warned.

For some reason people think their pets do not need grooming during the winter months as they will be too cold! This is a misconception, if you think about it if your pet becomes knotted and matted they will retain water making your pet even colder and staying wetter for much longer. So keeping your pet well groomed throughout the winter will not only keep them feeling and looking great but you will not have that wet “doggy” smell or heavy muddy paws and coats!

Charges will vary dependent on the breed of dog, the specified style & the condition of their coat. When you call for an appointment we can give you a base price, which is set on a dog that conforms to the following:

 -Average Size/Coat

 -Groomed Regularly


 Additional charges may apply for:

 -Non-Standard Breed Size and/or Coat

 -Matted Coats

 -Trimming beyond Standard for Breed

 Non-Co-operative Behaviour

 -Aggressive Behaviour


Please note that all verbal quotes and estimates are not definite and binding.

 They may be subject to variation according to circumstance.



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